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SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of your website or webpage via natural, unpaid search results. When a search is conducted on Google, Bing, or any other search engine, you want your site to be one of the top search results. Internet search engine optimization is a powerful web marketing technique, as you increase visits to your website as well as the chances of people signing up for your services. It's a proven fact that search engine traffic can make or break your company's success.

Search Visibility

Search Visibility SEO takes into account how these search engines work, what people search for, and the actual terms people type into the search engines. There is no exact science to the SEO process, but there are guidelines to follow in order to ensure high placement in the search results. One of the most popular search engine optimization tools is to include specific meta tags (i.e.: keywords, descriptions). Use a frequently searched keyword or keywords several times on your site, without making the text look too stilted. The technical term for this SEO tactic is keyword density.


Nearly 14 billion online searches get conducted monthly. If an online search is conducted and one of your competitors' sites pops up higher in the rankings than yours, the possibilities are likely that your competitor will receive higher web traffic. The job of an SEO company is to prevent such incidents from occurring.


Your Google + Local (formally Google Places) profile is your pipeline to getting new customers. Get this one thing right and you could establish a steady stream of customers flowing in to your business on a daily basis without any extra effort on your part. SEO Storm specializes in Local Marketing and can help you generate targeted leads using Google + Local.
We optimize your Google +1 local listing so that you get a steady stream of new leads which will help you to Dominate your Local Market.

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Reputation Management

Public opinion is essential to your company's success. Negative information about your company can damage your brand. In many cases there is no way to completely stop negative information from being submitted online. However there is a way to suppress negative listings so that they are rendered nearly invisible. In a sense, eliminate them completely!

Finally get control of your brand. Our online reputation management service will give back full control over your online search results.

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Our SEO maintenance plans will ensure that your site maintains and holds its current rankings while helping your pages to gain authority and continue to rise in the rankings. As part of an SEO maintenance service plan, your search engine rankings and competitors are monitored while we optimize to make sure you stay above your competition and your rankings stay competitive.
Our site maintenance plans are affordable and a great way to maintain and hold your current rankings so you can continue to dominate your niche.