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Maintenance plans

An SEO maintenance plan is created to ensure your site climbs up in the rankings, as well as attract more visitors and make more sales. As part of an SEO maintenance service plan, your search engine rankings are monitored. There will inevitably be fluctuations in your search engine rankings, due to search engines altering their ranking formulas or competitors trying to get ahead of you. Since more sites are being added to the web each and every day, you need to make sure your rankings stay competitive.

keyword maintenance plansAnother element of SEO maintenance plans is traffic tracking, allowing you to know where your traffic is coming from, so you can make adjustments to your marketing strategies. For example, if you find out most of your traffic is coming from your home page; you can place some of your best products on that page to increase sales. Traffic tracking also detects which keywords are being used to find your site.

Keyword research is another step. It's no mystery that infusing popular keywords into your pages' content is a large part of optimizing your site. Since websites are being added to the web constantly, keywords that were once popular no longer achieve high rankings. That's why it's essential to keep on top of the newest and most popular keywords on a frequent basis.
Another aspect of maintenance plans is competitive analysis. At SEO Storm, we will check how many competitors you have for each of the major search engines. If there are too many competitors for a particular keyword, we may suggest you use a less popular keyword.

Whether you're a small, medium, or large business owner; search engine optimization maintenance service plans will prove to be invaluable to your company. Stay ahead of the curve by signing up for one of our website maintenance plans and get the visibility you deserve!

Our affordable site maintenance plans range in price from $500.00 to $5K per month. No matter what your budget is, we can find an SEO maintenance plan that best fits your needs! Sign up today for your FREE consultation!


Your Google + Local (formally Google Places) profile is your pipeline to getting new customers. Get this one thing right and you could establish a steady stream of customers flowing in to your business on a daily basis without any extra effort on your part. SEO Storm specializes in Local Marketing and can help you generate targeted leads using Google + Local.
We optimize your Google +1 local listing so that you get a steady stream of new leads which will help you to Dominate your Local Market.

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Reputation Management

Public opinion is essential to your company's success. Negative information about your company can damage your brand. In many cases there is no way to completely stop negative information from being submitted online. However there is a way to suppress negative listings so that they are rendered nearly invisible. In a sense, eliminate them completely!

Finally get control of your brand. Our online reputation management service will give back full control over your online search results.

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Our SEO maintenance plans will ensure that your site maintains and holds its current rankings while helping your pages to gain authority and continue to rise in the rankings. As part of an SEO maintenance service plan, your search engine rankings and competitors are monitored while we optimize to make sure you stay above your competition and your rankings stay competitive.
Our site maintenance plans are affordable and a great way to maintain and hold your current rankings so you can continue to dominate your niche.